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Welcome to the Gulf Coast of Florida. By boat you have the opportunity to see many of the unique areas that make this a prime vacation spot. You can anchor outside of Sanibel Island to picnic or look for shells. Because this Island is on a plateau that extends out into the Gulf of Mexico, it acts like a shelf for seashells to gather. You will see people often doing the Sanibel Stoop as they search for them. Enjoy the spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico; relax in ultimate comfort on the white sand beach. On the beaches you will see sea boats, sea grape and mangrofes along with several types of palms and pines. At the east of the Island will be the Sanibel Lighthouse built in 1884 a testament of ingenuity. As you travel down t he Intercoastal (also know as the Cloosahatchee River) you will be experiencing a trip in history that was made by the Calusa Indians 2,000 years ago; “hatchee” is the Indian word for river. There is Picnic Island to greet you here, named for just that purpose to anchor up and picnic. It is a wonderful respite in the middle of a water wonderland. On November 8, 1885 Col. Harney of the 2nd US Dragoon purchased 50 carbnines from Samuel Colt. They were the first manufactured and ever used. 30 were lost at the Caloosahatchee. One persistent story is they were lost when the canoes in which they were transported capsized during an Indian attack. If this is so it was at Harney Point which is part of present day Cape Coral. You can travel the Intercoastal to Gulf of Mexico and know that these were pirated waters back in the day. A map in the Spanish Archives showes a large chest from a wrecked ship was buried in the mid 1600`s somewhere in the Murdock Point area of Cayo Costa Island. Also in this area an American Frigate with $3,000,000 in minted US gold sank in 1823. All this can be seen and enjoyed by boat. This is a sublime opportunity for relaxation and renewal. For more information on the Islands to visit please look at the Exploring Outer Islands drop down box. You can be the Captain of your ship or arrange for a sightseeing charter through Boating Cape Coral 239-333-9156.